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Fitmo gives you access to a trusted community marketplace of personal trainers to reach your health goals — online or from a mobile phone.Real trainers help you to define your health goals, to create custom work-outs based on your activity (from Runkeeper, Jawbone etc) and to keep you motivated to move every single day.
Thanks for you question @rrhoover I’m Paul, head coach at Fitmo. Basically, a Fitmo personal trainer helps you to define your health goals, creates custom workouts and keeps you motivated every single day. We add the human factor to (wearable) technology and the data it collects. Every personal training experience starts with a videocall to get to know your personal trainer. He or she will ask you about your motivation, goals and training possibilities. After that you’ll directly receive your first personal workout in the workout player you see on In the app you also track your workout and give feedback on the intensity and how much you liked it. Your personal trainer makes sure your training program adapts to you and your progress, until you reach the fitness results you’ve dreamed of.
Thanks for the early access, @steijnpelle. :) This has similarities to Rise, a mobile app that connects users with a nutritionist. How exactly do these handpicked personal trainers help exactly?
Thanks for your question, @rrhoover! Well.. the reason we say they're hand-picked, is because you choose real personal trainers depending on what your goals are. So how they help depends on what it is that you need. You start off with a personal intake - via in-app video chat - so your specific goals can be discussed. After that you’ll receive a personal workout and nutritional program tailored to your lifestyle and goals. You can connect your wearables (Runkeeper, Jawbone UP, Fitbit and later on devices like the Apple Watch) to ensure your coach always has all the relevant health data. Best of all, your coach will always be there with you. He or she’ll give you the necessary kick up the butt and celebrate your victories with you. And whenever in doubt they will answer any questions you might have all through the Fitmo app. It sounds good on paper, but it’s even better when you experience it yourself. Therefore we've opened the Beta for your Product Hunters and we would love to give them a 2 week trial for free!
I'm excited about this! I filled out the form, but no email with a code came thru. Would LOVE to check it out. Can you guys help?
@steijnpelle - the appstore link on the producthunt landing page defaults to the netherlands version (which makes sense since you're in Amsterdam). Maybe use the user's ip address to determine which country's store to link to. Looks great, just signed up.