fitgoal UI Kit

30 screens, 179 components, 26 icons to get you moving

Getting into or maintaining your shape takes time and effort, which can be hard to pull off in our modern lives. Tip the scales in your favor with the fitgoal UI Kit—designed to help move you at any level of fitness.
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Getting into shape, or maintaining it, takes dedication, consistency, and perseverance—just like designing a good UI. The fitgoal UI Kit from InVision has the good UI in place to help get, or stay, fit. If your user is just starting to work out, there’s a fitness wizard to show them the (jump) ropes. If they’ve been at it for a while, there are screens for them to add new exercises to their routine. There’s even a virtual trainer to help keep them motivated during their workouts! I’m excited to see what takes shape when you all start to use the kit. Download it today!
I really dig how you guys are making UX more accessible. I've had many bad experiences with building products that no one wants. All for easier ways to validate and would love to see a UI kit for Fintech.