FitGenie 3.0

A smart nutrition app powered by artificial intelligence


FitGenie 3.0 is applying AI to automate nutrition planning.

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JP Seral
Chris Messina
Даша Рощина
  • Chris Messina
    Chris MessinaProduct designer & entrepreneur

    Easy to track what you eat quickly

    Useful look at your macro nutritional intake

    Responsive developer


    Barcode scanner doesn't always work

    I started using this app on the recommendation of my nutritionist. Previously I've used apps like LoseIt or MyFitnessPal, but she suggested that FitGenie will help me get a better view of what I'm eating or need to boost to achieve my fitness goals.

    Chris Messina has used this product for one month.
  • Даша Рощина
    Даша РощинаProduct Hunter

    Easy to use, the app works fast. Interface is nice


    Had issues with bar code scanner

    I love such applications which make my life easier. I was looking for suxh great calculator for a long time

    Даша Рощина has used this product for one month.