FitGenie 3.0

A smart nutrition app powered by artificial intelligence

FitGenie 3.0 is applying AI to automate nutrition planning.

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3 Reviews5.0/5

I started using this app on the recommendation of my nutritionist. Previously I've used apps like LoseIt or MyFitnessPal, but she suggested that FitGenie will help me get a better view of what I'm eating or need to boost to achieve my fitness goals.


Easy to track what you eat quickly

Useful look at your macro nutritional intake

Responsive developer


Barcode scanner doesn't always work

When will this be on the Play Store?
@blobget hey, Yousef! No timeline yet on an Android release, but we're planning to begin Android development either towards the end of this year or early next year.
@obianachebe Great! Keep me posted because this looks really promising

I love such applications which make my life easier. I was looking for suxh great calculator for a long time


Easy to use, the app works fast. Interface is nice


Had issues with bar code scanner