Set a fitness goal, but if you fail you lose money.. kinda

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Love the sound of this. Great that funds go to charity - but would be great to have the option to wire the money to friends instead. Would be much more viral that way too, as you'll pull more customers in who want to cash-in on the bet or make their own. May well give this a shot in the coming weeks 😎
@david_west Go through the steps tomorrow and report back...then check the date 😏
@andrewett @david_west "...then check the date" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ! Looks like @david_west has not taken the Bet!!
Oh i missed my first customer 😬😬. I think you can try or instead.
@david_west So we actually made the product, no jokes. 😬 Check it out
@_shinec Great work! Thanks for the DM reminder too.
Great idea! Quite similar to Go Fucking Do It from @levelsio.
@neuling2k @levelsio Yes it is, and also similar to
Nightmare for lazy people πŸ˜‚
This isn't a terrible idea. Similar to @levelsios product expect a bit more advanced and you don't need a supervisor. I'm surprised you didn't make this a real product to see if anyone would put their money down.
@benbowdene Hey ben, thanks for the review. I started building this product without seeing @levelsios original go f*cking do it( Later when i came to know about gfid i got a feeling that it solves this problem in a better way. The whole idea of betting or challenge is about having another person involved. Automating the process and removing other person is more scalable but would spoil the fun and virality. Another product gympact specifically solves problem of honesty by verifying goals with fitness devices. Hence the landing page i started building ended up as an april fool joke. Long story haa 😁😁
@benbowdene So we made the product to see if anyone would put their money down, no jokes. 😬 Check it out
@_shinec Good to hear you made the idea a reality. Can you DM me on twitter at ?