Fit Gurus

No fluff, just serious training. Workouts from top trainers.

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You love to workout in the gym and you want to be pushed hard. You don't want 7 minute workouts. You want to see what you're capable of and with the toughest no-nonsense workouts app, Fit Gurus guarantee an intensity that will kick your ass. Nothing worth having comes easy. Great team with deep domain knowledge out of Ignite's accelerator, raised the first AngelList round in Europe.
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I was involved in the development of the iOS app and I'm really excited to see people using it and loving it 'in the wild' - there's some truly cool features in there; and a truly committed team behind Fit Gurus - those guys really know their workouts. If you haven't tried it yet, get the app and start making some gains! 💪
@djmckee couldn't have done it without you Dylan 👍
I've met the Fit Gurus guys and let me tell you, they definitely practice what they preach! I was psyched they'd released this!
@adamfarah cheers Adam :)
Hey, @paulsl4ter . Let's integrate my - it's great monetisation case for ur app. Contact me
@alexvinogradov4 @heartin Hi Alex, clever product you have. We've no immediate plans for sending health data to doctors. We're focused on continuing to be the toughest workouts app available.
Amazing product. I've met with @paulsl4ter myself and I still remember his dedication and drive. Definitely not to be missed if you exercise seriously.
@doutatsu appreciate that!
Any plans for a Windows Phone port? Could work great with the data gathered by the Band for sure
@jamiequackers Hi Jamie, we ran a recent poll for wearables we should back. Microsoft Band is doing quite well. Would never say never if demand is high enough.