Uncover and track great fishing locations in your area

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Dave Ambrose
Steadfast Venture Capital
Did you know: fishing is one of the top recreational activities in the Unites Sites, totaling over $40b in value? FishBrain is one of the slickest online-to-offline apps I've played w. recently, w. an incredible community of active anglers, posting catches and documenting great spots to fish. To give context of how active the community is, here's a snapshot of a user from NYC area (where it's freezing right now): For those cyclists out there (@ryandawidjan, @quan, @colbyhHere and @staringispolite), it's very similar to Strava.
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Jonathan Howard
Part-time CMO and startup advisor
@ryandawidjan @quan @colbyhHere @daveambrose Very cool! I had no idea this was so big an industry. Any idea how that money breaks down? I remember hearing that commercial fisherman used to collaborate (and for the BEST finds, zealously compete) on finding where the fish were every morning. I guess the recreational market I assume this serves doesn't have the same incentives/competition?
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Cole Mercer
Product @ SoundCloud
Had no idea it was such a big market. I like seeing products for these otherwise overlooked sorts of markets.
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