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Love the minimalism. At first it looks like any other word processor but it's unique in that it only shows the last 10 lines you've written, encouraging freeform writing, no editing. Reminds me of Hemmingway (posted by @joshpuetz and received 90+ upvotes). cc'ing a few of my writing friends: @natekontny, @mijustin, @bgadoci, @davidspinks, @nayafia, @adii, @nathanbarry
I believe this is built by @NateWildermuth
Thanks @rrhoover! Developer here. My biggest problem with writing is reading and editing my manuscript before it is finished. When I read it, I think, "this really sucks." Then I edit it, and I think, "this still really sucks." Then I often give up. So this little app is really customized for my experience. Having said that, it's a small app, and easily customizable! I'm open to suggestions and improvements.
@rrhoover do you think you would switch to this?
@liveink - I'm a diehard Draft fan so I don't see myself switching but I might experiment using this to write more off-the-cuff, unedited essays.