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Join the likes of Andrew Warner from Mixergy, John Lee Dumas from EOFire and others by listing your profile on First 100 Influencers! Grow your influence by being discovered by new fans, followers and clients on First 100 Influencers.

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So this is but not meant as a joke?
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@marckohlbrugge We were definitely inspired by sites like and You built a great MVP as a fun experiment, we are building a full product and have more features to come. We also wanted to give you some friendly competition to help validate your idea. A month from now, there will be someone else pushing the idea even further.
The concept of "recognized" influencers is good, self vetting via payment is not good. This model is flawed in to many ways to list.
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@mikerowan This I agree with. Self-vetting via payment is the same way of selling ad space, not picking awards. Individuals with the most to gain financially will buy these slots, not the people who actually deserve them...
@mikerowan @nickabouzeid Thanks for the feedback Mike and Nick, we'll be working on more ways for true influencers to rise up and get more exposure over time. p.s. SendGrid is so great, had zero problems every time I have worked with it!
Hello Product Hunt! Thanks for checking out First 100 Influencers. We built it to showcase the top 100 influencers in each industry. We decided to charge for it because A) we like money, and B) it provides some measure of screening so the quality remains high. The first spot in every category costs $1, and the price increases by $1 for every profile listed, all the way up to $100. BONUS: Once all the spots are full, the plan is to let you sell your spot on an open market and make some cash from the sale.
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@daviswbaer What are your measures of screening so quality remains high? Also, letting users sell their spot to the highest bidder contradicts your quality measurement statement. Be honest, it's not much more than a quick cash grab!
Congrats on the launch. Help me understand your vision for it. What problem are you guys trying to solve with this?
@andrewwarner Thanks for joining and thanks for reaching out. We'll have some more information coming out soon that talks about the site in more detail. I'll let you know when it's available. Thanks!
@andrewwarner Thanks for reaching out Andrew! To follow up on Micah, we wanted to put together a database of top influencers categorized by industry, but we also wanted to make it fun and add a "cryptokitties" element to it. Once all the spots are filled, the next step on our road-map is to add a marketplace where people can buy and sell their spots. Because there is only a finite number of slots (100 per category), we believe the value of each spot will appreciate significantly!
Seamless sign up process and pretty reasonable prices!