Firewalla Blue

Cybersecurity for homes & businesses 🔒

Firewalla Blue is a Simple, Affordable and Powerful solution to protect your home and business from cyber threats. It's a little box packed with capabilities, with no monthly fee!

✅ Firewall

✅ Parental Control

✅ VPN Server

✅ Ad Block

✅ Intrusion Detection and Prevention

✅ Bandwidth Usage Monitoring

✅ Plugs into your router. No need to replace it.

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This is Annie, COO of Firewalla. Thank you for interesting in our latest product, Firewalla Blue. Last year, we introduced Firewalla Red through Kickstarter and Indiegogo; this year, we are introducing Firewalla Blue. While the Red was optimized for affordability, the Blue will be optimized for power and speed. It is more of a Pro version than a replacement. Blue has faster processor and more memory to handle network traffic and attacks at near Gigabit speed. Blue will be based on the same software as Red. The same software that’s been protecting families across 57 countries around the world. Both boxes will be using the same App, there is no change. There will be changes in the cloud to provide more complex security intelligence for these newer devices. If you have any question about our product, leave a comment here and we will answer all your questions.
I have a question about this product. I'm deciding to purchase 1 or 2 of the Blue. I have a small business in a separate physical location than my home, so do I have to have 1 at home and 1 in my office or can I use 1 and cover both places? Your video talks about home and small business, so I wanted clarity before I back your product for either 1 or 2 devices. Thanks!
Honestly seems lika a cool product and VERY useful if it works as advertised, but I find the name to sound strange, especially when repeated over and over again as in the YouTube video.
@anna_0x Anna, the software that runs on the box (at least the part that user sees) is the same as our current Firewalla Red product. We already have the Red on Amazon, Newegg, Brookstone ... Blue is a powered up version of Red. Regarding the video ... yes, we noticed that too. Since we love the name so much, it just music to our ears :)
@firewallallc I thought this was a totally new product, didn't look into and never heard of it! 😅 oops
@anna_0x we didn't spend much on PR on the first product, instead we spend all that money on building a better product for our customers and make them happy; they love us so much, this time, they push us forward. Our first crowd funding achieved the target in 6 days in 2017, and this time, we got there in 6 hours.

Like the idea. Configuring a firewall can be a nightmar3.


Small and easy to use. Plugs into existing router.


Non yet

These guys are awesome, I was a backer of CUJO initially and liked the idea but lack of insight, constant downtime meant it because a bookshop. Firewalla just works, plugged it in and away it goes, using in ARP for now it’s still really works well. App is easy and fast, Internet is still same speed and I’ve added it to my wife’s phone so she can control the kids stuff :-). the network flows are ace, I can see what sites/services the kids are accessing and individually block certain ones I don’t want them on. I contacted support about a simple notification question, they replied within minutes with a solution. Big thumbs up here.
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