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I love the idea of a dedicated Dev browser. But I'm already running 3 browsers of 5 windows each with 10+ tabs each. That's the bigger issue i'de like to see solved.
The problem that I'm having with the new FF is that is actually doesn't seem directed all all web dev. For nont FFOS devs, it seems like very little more than Firebug :( On the whole, it appears to be geared toward building for FFOS.
@d2burke I disagree. The remote debugging features for Safari and Chrome ( http://arstechnica.com/informati... ) are useful to non-FFOS developers. Also, Firefox's built in developer tools now are notably better than the Firebug of yesteryear.
This certainly looks pretty darn cool. It might just be what makes me switch from Chrome. Too bad most extensions are made Chrome-first these days.
Is there any difference from base Firefox right now? Are they planning on removing dev features from base FF?
@JetFault Firefox Developer Edition is two versions ahead (previously called "Aurora" channel) and includes Mozilla's add-in that lets Firefox debug Web content on iOS and Android ( http://arstechnica.com/informati... ). It also comes pre-configured to support remote debugging. Mozilla has not stated any intention to remove dev features from the released version of Firefox.
I like the idea of the pre-installed dev tools and a separate profile. Will my workflow appreciate it? I think so, but we'll find out. What I don't like: being versions ahead. I'm testing my sites for my users, not for me. Unless you have a tech site or a very savvy audience, this can actually be detrimental. You can't say "don't worry, it'll work in a few months."