Firebase Apps on Glitch

Use Glitch to build & deploy Firebase apps from your browser

Tap into all the power of Google's Firebase platform instantly, using Glitch to build full-stack apps right in your browser, taking advantage of user authentication, crash reporting, notifications, Firebase Dynamic Links and more. Use it for free, and deploy to Firebase Hosting with just a click.

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Glitch is on its way for a Google acquisition 😜 Great to see developers are not locked in. Eventually the "deploy to" feature becomes an open API where other vendors can offer their services too. I could imagine something that provision automatically an EC2 instance on AWS, or dynos on Heroku.
@picsoung Thanks Nicolas - that's definitely something we'd be interested in enabling if there's interest from the Glitch community.
@picsoung new @kaggle in the making? that crossed my mind too. I just wish you guys and observable build it out for another year or two before you sell out for big boys to pay the cloud bills and kids to experiment with your products once they mature
From day one, we’ve made sure you have complete code portability on Glitch. We don’t use any proprietary protocols or libraries, so you can download or export your project and it will just work elsewhere without requiring any changes. And with our new Firebase Hosting integration, we’ve taken that a step further. Let us know what you think!
Game changer. Love it from the first second.
@koskeller Thanks Konstantin!