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Kevin Gauthier@kvgauthier · Co-Founder & Head of Design @
Why copy Stripe's branding? If I didn't know better I would think this is Stripe.
GloriaMaker@gloria_tam · Legal & Compliance
@kvgauthier Thank you for the feedback. We will take all comments into consideration for improvements.
Umit Akcan@umitakcn · Product Designer @ PEER.COM
Is this affiliated with Stripe?
Anton MozgovoyMaker@mozgovoy_anton
@umitakcn it is not
ᴊᴜʟɪᴇɴ.@juliens_me · Tech enthusiast, future obsessed.
@umitakcn Yeah, the UI is so close to the Stripe's one! :O
Anton MozgovoyMaker@mozgovoy_anton
Good morning hunters! I would like to introduce you to a team of Finlyt. We have been working on this project for the last four months due to one simple reason: financial inclusion for everyone. As estimated, there are more than 4 billion people who have no, little or bad credit; meaning that they are structurally excluded from consumer finance and consumer credit. Banks and micro finance organizations are using credit score as a base or even as the only factor for the underwriting decision. Finlyt is in the pursuit of humanizing consumer finance. An ability to identify credit availability based not simply on numbers, but rather on actions. Per every loan application Finlyt is using almost 50, 000 data points and data type ranges from publicly available information, device metadata, to behavioural - by forming intrinsic characteristics map. Imagine fair unbiased consumer finance that is based not on exclusion, but rather in belief of opportunities and inclusion. At the moment, we are is still working on the checkout learning and improvement to make interest rates even lower and service more convenient and seamless for customers. The team has been working for months to bring it closer to alpha and to make Finlyt available to public. I wanted to let you, hunters, know first about the tool and the problem that the team has been working on. Would love to hear what you guys think about Finlyt, and the team will be really excited to answer all your questions! Have a nice day!
James Hawk@hawkinsj85 · Founder
@mozgovoy_anton Congratulations on launching! Looks like a useful product, but I don't understand the brand name - what's the correlation and how do you pronounce it? Side note: Very obvious that you've ripped Stripe's layout. They have an AWESOME design team and it's understandable, but doesn't make you guys come across as very professional.
Anton MozgovoyMaker@mozgovoy_anton
@hawkinsj85 thank you for your comment. I appreciate your approach and willingness to find out more about us. Let me start from beginning: Finlyt stands for FINancial anaLYTics, as that is what we are doing. Pronounciation is just as it feels naturally [finl'it] You can underestimate the effect of stripe's design approach influence on us, and our work. However, "ripping" would be an incorrect term, since the layout or assets were developed in-house. Thank you
James Hawk@hawkinsj85 · Founder
@mozgovoy_anton Thanks for explaining - pronunciation didn't come naturally to me but you've cleared that up. Let's be honest here, you've copied almost every aspect of their design: • Typography • Mockup device styling and placement • Colour theme • Button styles (down to the HOVER effect) • Slant effect with the device overlay in an almost identical way • General layout is incredibly similar throughout the page Taking visual cues from a website you admire is great, but simply copying them is definitely unoriginal and unprofessional - my belief anyway (and a few others here seem to echo that sentiment). Best of luck anyway
GloriaMaker@gloria_tam · Legal & Compliance
@hawkinsj85 @mozgovoy_anton Thank you for your detailed response. This will be relayed to the team.
GloriaMaker@gloria_tam · Legal & Compliance
@hawkinsj85 @mozgovoy_anton Thank you again for your feedback. We are making design adjustments that will reflect our own independent design and creativity.
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
what kind of interest rates will it be?
Anton MozgovoyMaker@mozgovoy_anton
@_jacksmith Targeted APR rates are 3.01% - 19.99%
Eduardo Alberto@ebsalberto · CTO @ Maxihost
Let's start by respecting intellectual property, shall we?
GloriaMaker@gloria_tam · Legal & Compliance
@ebsalberto Thank you for your comment. This message will be passed on to the team.
GloriaMaker@gloria_tam · Legal & Compliance
@ebsalberto Thank you again for your feedback. We are making design adjustments that will reflect our own independent design and creativity.