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Anders KravisMakerHiring@anderskravis · Head of Product at Finimize
Hey hunters 👋 We're all pretty excited for this update to Finimize news! While we've spent a lot of effort focusing on our newsletter experience (along with some upcoming products 😉), reading Finimize online was in need of some serious TLC (it was actually the oldest part of our code-base). This update brings a new UI, a linear view of stories, and GIFs! 💸
Taha Maddam, CFA@tahatayyab · Discover360 →Search Engine for Instagram
@anderskravis You are referring improperly to the CFA designation of your content writer - Mr. Scoot. It is improper to say - "He is a CFA" Mr Scott should guide you the correct way to use the designation. Thanks.
Osioke Itseuwa@o_prime · Community Manager, Devcenter.
I love this newsletter, I read them EVERY day. Really enjoy the breakdowns, and the way they are written. It makes financial news interesting to read. But this is a duplicate though, there is an earlier entry for Finimize here on PH - @andrewett
Andrew EttingerHunterPro@andrewett · PMM @ Twitter, Previously @ Product Hunt
@o_prime Hey Osioke! This is a major update to the platform, with a daily organized web component, which previously did not exist.
Thomas Høgenhaven@thogenhaven
Well done! The way you structure your content is very inspiring.
Anders KravisMakerHiring@anderskravis · Head of Product at Finimize
@thogenhaven Thanks Thomas! 😊
Kaben Clauson@kbclauson · Co-Founder, Aop App
Signed up. Great idea. I consume a lot of financial news and on most sites it's a MESS. I'll share this around.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
Finimize fangyrl here. Props for the significant improvements. Reading experience lives up to the high content standard now. 🎯
Terry TilleyMakerHiring@terrytilley8 · Front End Developer
@kkdub Thanks Kelly! 😃