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Although finance is not my area of expertise, I enjoy getting the Finimize newsletter, which has two amazing articles daily. Each one is summarized and there is some commentary/possible implications of the news, and a few extra features like a daily quote, and a person to highlight. It's like having a cheat sheet to the Wall Street Journal arrive in your inbox every day.
Hey Product Hunters, Thanks so much for your support here. I created Finimize so we, the millennials, can finally start understanding finance. Too many hours are spent forcing ourselves to read the Wall Street Journal or listening to bankers -- and we don't really understand what they're telling us and, in the case of bankers, if it is actually true. But it's important that we at least have a basic understanding of what's going on in finance, so we can manage our savings (especially in a world of basically zero interest rates on saving accounts) and somewhat understand what all these up-and-coming FinTech startups actually do (from robo advisers to lending providers). So we built Finimize to give you a tool to de-mystify this complex world of finance. We want your finances to suit you, not the suits ;) I would love to hear your feedback on what we're doing! Thanks, Max
@wholeearthweb Love the concept. I did something similar about a year ago (called it Jarvis News: with the content more focused on local business/finance news. I stopped working on it after a while. My biggest issue at that point in time was figuring out how to get it to be sustainable on it's own without me continually financing it out of my own pocket. What plans do you have for this? I'd love to know more!
@joshuaoxj @wholeearthweb Interesting. You can private message me on Twitter with specific questions you have for us. But in a nutshell: we want to empower the millennial generation to become financially literate. And we see our e-mail explaining the financial news to make our readers more familiar with finance (one e-mail at a time) as the first step in doing so.
@wholeearthweb found you on Twitter. Can't seem to DM you just yet. I'm still not able to do that for people that don't follow me!
This is really interesting for me. I have a website called where the idea is to explain finance concepts. But explaining finance news in a simple manner is really awesome.
Interesting. Seems like theSkimm for financial news.