Automatically collect expense receipts from your Gmail

FindMyInvoice is a free Gmail extension that saves you time by organizing and tracking incoming invoices, bills, and statements. FindMyInvoice ensures your documents are saved and organized - automatically.
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I finished my accounting last weekend. This would have been soooo useful 😭
@syswarren I am so sorry to hear that. But, at least it is done now :) Those teary-eyed emojis are the ones we want to spare everyone from... Maybe set it up to be ready for next year ;)
Great job, this extension is so helpful! Seems like you have to mark every invoice, is the: "Sync past invoices" feature broken? Also how do you set up a spreadsheet, cant seem to finde the setting. Thanks! :)
@mikkel_emil_lindblom It takes a little time to sync past invoices, it is not broken. :) But I see now that we should communicate this better. For the spreadsheet, on the left side of your gmail screen hover over My Invoices / Default (or any invoice group you may have set up), there will be a dropdown arrow, click that, select + Add new action and select the spreadsheet option as the Action type.
Im a huge fan of this team!

I love it! :)


Very comfortable.



Great job!!😊 I’m going to be using quite often. Saves time and can we have search options?
@ayush_chandra Thanks for the nice words! We have a search bar in the My Invoices tabs (left side in your Gmail). What kind of search options are you looking for? We can make things happen ;)