Anti-procrastination app for Mac to break bad online habits

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I found this app while procrastinating
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@mscccc Haha, same here! :) ProductHunt is the worse in terms of procrastinating. I spend 30-45min a day just browsing around and checking out random apps which have nothing to do with my work. I am actually thinking of blocking PH with this app during working hours, not sure if it can do that. Martin - can I block PH for a bit when I work?
@dragilev @mscccc I wasted a lot of time with great apps I found here on Product Hunt instead of working on FindFocus. Especially when I prepared the launch of FindFocus. Cal Newport, the author of "Deep Work" recommends scheduling this kind of distractions. If you really like a site like PH, you can create a schedule so that you only allow access between 2pm-3pm every day, when you might not be that productive anyway because you just had lunch. The cool thing: If it's scheduled it does not count as a distraction anymore. 😉
Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @bramk for hunting! I have to confess I'm addicted to checking my email, and texts and Facebook. I actually noticed that most of my friends or folks I don't even know that well are in the same boat. It’s the impulse to check a message notification. It’s the pull to visit YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter for just a few minutes, only to find yourself still scrolling an hour later… as @nireyal and @rrhoover wrote in the introduction of their book Hooked - How to build habit-forming products. I built FindFocus to help myself and others actually do work during work hours.A desktop app that supports customizable blocking of social profiles to create productive routines. (No more cheating on your chrome extension by switching your browser. Sorry @hialexlam). FindFocus helps you stop procrastinating while using your Mac and so you can replace bad online habits with highly productive ones. What’s different about FindFocus: - Delay Discounter: Want to break your habit of checking emails every few minutes? Just block yourself from gmail and your local email client. You can unlock every time but have to wait 5 minutes (or whatever time you like) - Independent “blocking profiles” (Unlock your email client but Facebook and ProductHunt stays blocked until your lunch break) - 6 different unlock options with various difficulty to match the protection with the addictiveness of the sites and services you use. - Pomodoro timer: Create a sequence of profiles and start it anytime - Break Enforcer: Force yourself to take more breaks during the day. You can use use the unlock options to “protect your break” when you want to postpone it or force yourself to take a break. Over the last 9 month, we have built every feature into the app that we could think of to keep you on track and make you more productive. We are incredibly excited (and nervous 😳) about this version - and want to make sure it’s perfect for you. SO… I'M CURIOUS - what are you addicted to when it comes to tech, email, texts or social media? Where do you procrastinate? Just curious. Comment below. I just want to stack all the addictions I have vs. everyone else! Haha. P.S. Would love any feedback you have on the app, thanks for checking us out! 😍
@martinboeddeker @bramk @nireyal @rrhoover @hialexlam Pretty sweet app. I have to say I struggle with email, I spend all my time in my inbox and feel like I never get anything done. I guess answering email is work for me as well but I have a ton of real work which actually needs to get done. Not sure if anyone else is in my boat? I turned off email on my phone three years ago and it has helped a lot. I also took off twitter and fb off the phone, actually closed by FB all together, this helped even more. Still struggling with email, twitter, youtube taking up my time. Looking forward to giving this a try. Martin - so this thing will just watch me all the time and not let me procrastinate, even on the weekends when it's allowed?
@dragilev Thanks for the kind words. I only use google maps & WhatsApp on my phone. (Just trying to get rid of WhatsApp as well). But I still need my computer to get work done. What's different about FindFocus is that you can 100% customize it and design your perfect routines and online habits. The scheduler will allow you to create a unique structure for every day of the week. You can keep use to keep yourself from using distracting website or apps in during the work day. If you have a tendency to become a workaholic you can lock yourself from work-related stuff in the evening. (Or at least make it a bit harder to continue working because rest is really important as well)
Brilliant! You automated my daily task of killing off the fun monkey - the base for all procrastination.
First off, let me come clean by saying I'm a stage 4, terminal procrastinator. And, I like tinkering with computers. I've tried applications like this in the past, but all of them have been relatively easily circumvented. So, I ask, can the time-based locking functionality be broken by simply setting your system clock (just in System Preferences, no Terminal magic required) forward by X number of hours/days and then reverting to the correct local time? If not, consider me a customer.
@jason_d_rowley Hi Jason, thanks for pointing that out. I tested this and indeed it was possible to break the time-based lockdown, as described. With an app like this people really get creative to find a way to turn it off. We will work hard to solve these "bugs" as they are discovered. (I think of it as bugs) Saying that I just spoke to my developer, and we will fix the time settings workaround in the next few days. Of course, I cannot guarantee that some clever developer will find another way to stop the app. We will work really hard to make plug these leaks to make sure there is no easy way to turn it off. The beauty of this app is that it does not either block websites and apps or not. You should be able to use all the websites you want, but it should be so difficult during your working hours that it's much easier to continue being productive instead of visiting distracting websites.
@jason_d_rowley: As of today, we fixed this issue. There is no way to cheat and turn of FindFocus by playing with you time preferences anymore. :)
Does FindFocus has a fix for Skype/Slack distractions features :)?
@nedkovbg Of you cause you can block slack and skype. Most productivity experts recommend to time block activities like skype or slack, during work. I use an app called Franz to have all communication channels in on place and have spefic times when I use them. What I love about FindFocus is that you can still stay flexible. For example, if you really have a question that you have to ask someone via a messenger you could tell FindFocus to only allow that after a delay of 5 minutes or after entering a "Focus Question" like "Do I really need to use Slack right now?" You could even combine this. That will break the habit of just checking your messenger every 5-10 minutes for new messanges because you are feeling an itch that you might miss something. Often you will find your question was not that important.