Find and compare ticket prices for any upcoming concerts πŸ”πŸ’°

Finder helps you quickly find the best price for concert tickets. Search and compare ticket prices across various ticket vendors instantly, anytime, for any artist or concert.

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Hey Hunters! We all know that the concert ticket space is broken - with a lot of scalpers, bots and resellers listing overpriced tickets and causing confusion for fans looking to get good tickets to see the artists they love. Over the last year, our team at Robin 🌐 has put a ton of effort into making the whole experience around getting tickets better. We quickly discovered that there is often a huge price difference between ticket vendors for concert tickets and jumped on the opportunity to build a tool that would make it easy for you to compare prices. Today we are launching Finder, a tool to help you find the perfect concert tickets - at the best price. We compare the biggest vendors out there for you. ☝️ Just like a mini Kayak for concert tickets! I would really appreciate your feedback and tell us about your experience: - Did you find Finder useful? - Did you find the concert you were looking for? - Out of 1-10, how easy was it to navigate your search results? - Can you tell me 2 specific features you would like to see? Just shoot me a message on Product Hunt I will get back to you today! Feel free to subscribe to our Finder mailing list to get notified about new features:
Very cool app guys. I love live music but rarely keep up with who's on tour. It could be super cool to sign-in with spotify and know right away which artists I like are on tour. Best of luck!
@jeremykovac Are you Nostradamus? The future is now. You can login to Robin using Spotify, and track your favourite artists, here:
Great job !! 😊
@ayush_chandra Thanks! Any functionality missing that you'd want?
This is an interesting idea. I'm always intrigued by the possibility of how to get the best prices for concert tickets. The Kayak-type model I think works well here, though I would caution against drawing a direct analogy since airfares are set by the actual airlines whereas ticket prices can be set according to secondary parties (i.e. Ticketmaster, etc.) if they have certain deals with venues. The music industry is not always cut and dry when it comes to determining who controls the leverage at the end of the day. Otherwise, great build! Cool idea!
@adammarx13 Yes, there is always a balance between making a product easy to understand for the 80% of people that are targeted and other people that are more invested (including you). Saying that, I believe that we can educate users about the sh*t that is going in in the ticketing industry and make them realise how they can change the industry. Thank you!
Need a way to say how many tickets. 2 Tickets together can often be more expensive per seat than a single seat.
@mitchellmckenna That is true, Providing ticket availability is definitively on the list for improvements. Thanks!