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Hi everyone, I'm a student at Bournemouth University - pleased to be making my first submission on Product Hunt! This is a simple tool that will compare a user's followed artists via Spotify, Facebook or Songkick with 100s of festivals from all over the world (filterable by region). It was built over a few days with React, Express and the Spotify, Facebook and Songkick APIs. Let me know what your top festivals are!
@lawrhol awesome πŸ™‚ congrats on the launch! This looks like a product @rrhoover would like ;)
@doivoid Thanks! πŸ˜‡
@lawrhol Nice little tool mate, really like the clean design!! :)
@lawrhol This is interesting one. Looking forward to use it
Resident Advisor doesn't match?
Hey @shmatkov_mykola! What festival are they supposed to be at (or is Resident Advisor a festival)? It's possible that they've not yet been added to the lineup on Songkick, where the lineup data comes from.
@lawrhol Resident Advisor is the website with music festivals and events from all around the world. You can create an account, add you favorite artists and track events. Try
@shmatkov_mykola I see. It isn't the same at all. RA is targeted towards electronic music so I can't even track the bands I like, and there is no automated matching which is the whole point of this submission.
Awesome work!
This is really genius actually. Thanks for making it.
@cemedericarak thank you! πŸ˜‡