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Hey PH folks! 👋 I’m happy to anounce that today we’re launching Finch v1.0 together with a brand new website! 🕶 We built Finch for professional web designers who never stick to “good enough” and our mission is to improve the most frustrating part of web development process – design bug fixing 😬 For a quite long time Finch was only available to a closed group of people, but now anyone can download Finch and start to fine-tune their web designs. I want use this moment to say Thank You to each and every one of our beta users – without them we wouldn’t be here! One love! 💙 Let me know if you have any questions regarding Finch – I’ll be happy to answer them! 👌

Maybe some more Sketch- / XD- / Figma-like features. Or what about an built-in code editor? Or something similar like a "visual code editor" like Webflow.

Btw, watch out, if Webflow releases a "code-import" feature, you could get a lot of troubles :) JFYI


Clean and stable. Does what it says.


An option so see the different break point stylings – so that you could edit them separately.

Hey, thanks for the review! Actually, you already can edit different break point styles (and even create new ones) in Finch. Just hit cmd+' (or View > Media editor) and Finch media editor will be appear ;)