Save time and hassle on fixing web design bugs

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Hey PH folks! 👋 I'm one of the three guys behind Finch. We're building a tool for professional web designers and we focus on the most frustrating part of the whole web development process – design bug fixing! 🐞🛠 You know those screenshots with red arrows on them that say something like "move this heading 8 pixels up"? Well, we want to get rid of them for once and for all! 😈 Let me know if you have any questions – I'll be happy to answer them! P.s. Thanks @lpzilva for hunting us!
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Really awesome tool, super useful. Best of luck!
@futhey Thank you, James! 🙌
I... I want to say this now before I get too giddy and forget. Thank you. This product has, in less than 10 minutes, made my life immensely easier. I can't tell you why for professional reason (You're not the only one launching a product soon 😉) but this will speed the development of its site, and of my company by 100,00,000! Thank you. This idea is gold. It's the next Sketch, but better! I bought it instantly and I can't wait to be part of its early community.
@tristanisham I'm so happy to hear this! Thank you, Tristan! 👊
Haven't read anything, but does this work with wordpress themes? Edit. Okay, I see a WordPress plugin.