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Fin started as an app, then opened up to web, and is now on Slack.

Assistant technology like Siri or Google Now simply doesn't cut it - and will not for a long time, if ever. Hiring an assistant yourself comes with a lot of overhead and caveats ... Fin mixes the best of human and machine intelligence to deliver a top-flight service.

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Fin in Slack makes a ton of sense. @princeboucher / @lessin – Is this targeted more toward companies and more generally, what are your thoughts on building virtual assistants for individuals vs. teams. The B2B space can be immediately lucrative and the biggest hurdle I've heard from people that consider using virtual assistants is the price. While time > money for many, it's still hard to justify paying $10 to save a little bit of time.
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@lessin @rrhoover thanks for the great question, Ryan. This can be used for both. We're actually going to announce something in the next couple weeks that directly answers your question.
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@rrhoover we've definitely head most of the demand for the Slack integration from business users -- busy business folks spend a huge part of their day at their desk, so email and Slack are their preferred channels. The iOS app gets more consumer traffic, for us. Re "it's still hard to justify paying $10 to save a little bit of time" this is true for some, but really comes down to the individual. Parents with young children, for example, really understand the value of time and are an eager for opportunities to spend more time with their kids whenever possible. If you're going to free up extra time to play video games, on the other hand, maybe you're less eager to make this trade. In short, you are right that Fin makes the most sense for people who view time as a precious resource.
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If you haven't looked into Fin it is a definite must. If you often catch yourself saying "there are not enough hours in the day" you can't go wrong by letting Fin take some of the load off. Digital Assistance that pair humans and AI are definitely the way of the future, and integrations with things you use daily, like slack, are a major advantage.
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In the screen shot of Slack's dashboard above, you can see I used Fin to book a haircut. I'm super happy with the results. Today was crazy because I had to prep for this product hunt, finish up two blog articles, respond to customers, and get ready for an event we're having at the office tomorrow. Since I'm in Slack communicating to the team all day, having Fin at my finger tips helps stay in flow. We're excited for users to have access points in all their communication channels. p.s. Blades is my new barber.
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Nice to have this integration. I use slack already, so it's super convenient to offload my tasks to Fin this way.




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