Your filtered Instagram feed with no account needed.

For People Who Want To See Some Instagram Content But Aren't Too Keen On The Instagram Experience Itself.

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This is perfect for me as I hate sharing my data with FB plus the insta timeline is a pain


All the benefits of Insta without the noise


i rarely remember the actual insta handle of the person I want to add to my feed so some autocomplete or suggestions would help

Hey y'all, I appreciate this is an extremely niche use-case, but I built this app after someone I know wanted a way to see Instagram content, but 1) not need an account 2) not need to use the app, so I built Filtergram. They also wanted to be able to add "filters" to try and curate their feed a little more than seeing every user's posts. No Instagram account needed. No comments, no Stories, no ads. Add some Instagram accounts, filter their posts, save some to your favourites. A close friend stated: "This looks super useful for people like me who don’t want anything to do with insta/fb holding my details but are still keen to access selected content"
I'm a bit confused. I don't see anything content on the landing page. Is there a bug, @ben_howdle? 🤔
@rrhoover for now, it’s just the description in plain text! (Unless there’s a legit rendering bug I’ve not seen so far!)
@ben_howdle I think there's a rendering bug. Literally all I see is the logo and "For People Who Want To See Some Instagram Content But Aren't Too Keen On The Instagram Experience Itself."
@rrhoover no bugs Ryan, just a deeply minimal homepage. It has a better one now though 😉
oooh this is just what I've been looking for 🤩 I've been wanting a way to make Twitter-like lists for Insta so I can keep an eye on certain accounts without cluttering my personal feed too much.. The filters are a cool feature too, thanks for making this! ✨
@margaret_hutchins YAS Margaret. Enjoy.

This is brilliant. I'd been following by RSS feed in FeedBunch -- which works -- but I think I like this better.


Instagram w/out Instagram


Can't follow private/protected accounts

Definitely frustrating about the private accounts, but seeing as I’m using web scraping and not the API, I’m not sure how I’d get around this!