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Hi guys! I’m from Wondershare Filmora, and I would like to answer any question you may have about this product. We built the brand Filmora based on Wondershare Video Editor. We redesigned the user interface and simplified the steps and added much more new features in Filmora. In fact, Filmora is a totally new product. For more detail info, please refer to:
@chloeyang1990 Great video editor. Very easy to use. Quick question, how can I change the position of my text/title in a video?
@mrmikestreet Hi, thanks for your appreciation. For changing the position, you should drag and drop an effect from the text effect library and double tap on it
@chloeyang1990 Thanks...that worked.
@chloeyang1990 Hi Chloé, I've just re-downloaded Wondershare after a gap - can't believe how it's developed! - literally too many text gizmos for me o take in at a single sitting, but I'm happily banging out a promo video for my latest blog post atmo and it's looking cinematic in a few short hours - the only things are A: Extra money for effects - that's beyond the budget for me (And I can live happily with what I have with the program anyway) and B: Some of the grammar is off (This is me talking...) i.e. tiltes instead of 'titles'. But it's a great and easy thing for people like me to use - thanks!.
Looks sweet. I like the look of the UI.
Filmora can do basic editing like Trim, Merge, Crop, Rotate, Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Aspect Ratio, Speed up, Slow dwon, etc. and wonderful advanced editing like Screen recording, Text editing, Chromakey, PIP, Split screen, Tilt shift, Video stabilization, etc.
@chloeyang1990 Is the timeline still stuck at 25 frames per second? Any way to change that? Thanks.
Don't use video editors enough to justify paying $50 a month, thank you for letting users buy it outright.
Downloading, thanks for creating! Video editing is a industry that needs to improve, final users still have some difficulty editing videos. Everything that makes easier and enjoyable has a value ☺.
@gabrielreynard Hi, Thanks so much for your appreciation! We will continue our development to make it better