A/B test YouTube titles & thumbnails

Ever wanted to see if a different thumbnail or title could get you more views? We have. So we built this super simple tool to quickly test your YouTube videos. We'll determine if another title or thumbnail performs better than your original within 24 hours.
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Wow! How on earth does this work? Going to try it out on my recent video!
@charliprangley Charli! Thanks for checking it out. Super excited you are trying this! Pretty straightforward (I hope). Just switches out that thumb/title over and over throughout the day measuring views you're getting. Statistically figures out if one seems better and then commits to that version if it finds a winner. I'd love your feedback! You are exactly who I made this for. So please, any and all feedback welcome. You know how to find me already :) But just in case:
@charliprangley curious to see the results! Please share when you can. :)
My test ended! The new title I quickly wrote to test it out has outperformed the original apparently!
@natekontny Awesome product! Does updating the title multiple times restrict the overall performance of the video? Would love to know if you have any insights.
@lachlankirkwood Thanks! It's impossible for me to say anything definitive since YouTube's algorithm is a secret and constantly changing. The closest thing I've heard in this area is that changing things like tags/title/thumbnail of your video "resets" it in the algorithm. What does that mean? Who really knows. My take is this: changing a video attributes repeatedly is sub-optimal in the very very short term, but gives you a leg up in the long term. FIlmHope is designed to get you an answer as soon as possible, so you aren't switching these attributes over days. Instead hopefully only the first hour or two. Max, a day. The other thing to consider is that most of us really should be most concerned with SEO performance. And again, since these videos are being optimized early on, any "Reset" when changing a title multiple times isn't going to impact SEO performance months from now. Hope that helps. Please let me know if I can answer anything else anytime!
Given how important it is to have a great thumbnail and title for your YouTube video, it's surprising there weren't some easier and better ways to test them. So we built one ourselves. Over a year ago! Unfortunately, I (Nate) never launched it. I got caught in a classic founder trap. I wanted more features which led to more rabbit holes and I never launched the useful thing we already had. So I took it off the shelf, added some launch polish and it's finally ready and handy. Those other features are on their way :) We're here if you have any questions?
Just started the test. Looking forward to using it to test my titles and thumbs. Was about to pull the trigger on TubeBuddy, but A/B was really the only thing I needed. What is the pricing of the product once you are finished Beta testing?
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@ryan_kaufman Hey Ryan! Any success with your testing so far? It's $9.99 a month.
@natekontny I ran one test but probably not enough impressions to be valid. I don't think I ever received the email though when the test completed.
@ryan_kaufman Ah I think I see the trouble. The email I pulled from YouTube is a address. I'll have to add a flow to deal with this probably allowing you to change the address I have on file so you have a chance to override the YouTube supplied one.
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Hilariously, what I thought I had licked: Google Reviewing the App to make the scary Login page go away hasn't happened correctly yet. Sorry y'all if that pushes you away from trying the app. Hopefully it doesn't. Working now to get that fixed.
And I think I have this fixed. Just needed to go through a few more hoops with Google's review process. But folks should now "NOT get a scary warning from Google" about using the site. Sorry about that! (FYI: Google's review process has been incredibly understanding and fast. Compared with Apple's review process for sure. It's been a pleasure working with Google on this when all evidence from Apple made me really nervous to make an app dependent on a platform)