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Love this! BUT - pre-1990 is not ages ago... Or am I old? :(
@bramk Haha well there's a few requests to add 80's in, so that would give you another 10 years leeway!
Hey Product Hunters! Finding *good* movies to watch has been a pet peeve of mine for a while now. I always seemed to default to using IMDB, which is clunky and hard to use. So as little side project we whipped up Film Hunt - which organises IMDBs top rankings by genre, year and makes them nice to look at. Hope you guys enjoy it :)
@shaw_nelson Thank you Sir! Brilliant design and the user experience is smooth. Within minutes I made my decision on what film I want to watch next.
This is exactly what I needed. Cheers, guys.
Same here @v4violetta πŸ˜„ Great job! πŸ‘Œ
You are most welcome @v4violetta @xzarexhc
This goes to my bookmarks :) Thanks
looks simple and clean!! good job :)
Cheers, glad you like it :) @ozlembilis