Tap a button and get a tank of gas delivered to your car

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What would be really cool is if you partnered with one of the OBD-II companies and made this an automatic refill. You'd also know how much the tank needs.
Admittedly very "first world problem", but a cool idea. I don't know if I'd pay for it, but I also don't drive much and can go 2-3 weeks between fill ups. If I had a long commute, I'd consider trying it though. A related startup in early beta is Lyfeboat "Uber for roadside assistance", but their fuel delivery is more expensive (oriented around emergencies really).
I like the smell of gasoline way too much to give up going to the gas station.
@jeffrey We provide air fresheners to our users in a variety of scents...
@jeffrey or if you'd rather, our friends at Stinky Candle Company can make your entire home smell like gas!
Hey Product Hunters - So honored that we get to launch here! About 6 months ago my gas light came on and I started talking to my wife about how Air Force One can refuel in-flight. Over the course of several months, that idea morphed into an on demand fueling service, Filld. We are excited to announce that as of this morning, you never need to stop for gas again. Just download our app, drop a pin in your location, and get Filld. We've started our service in the Silicon Valley and will be expanding soon to new locations based on consumer demand. So if you're not in the Silicon Valley, sign up and let us know where you think we should start filling next.
@scotthempy this service is so addicting. I haven't stopped for gas once since clearing the wait list. Great job!
Very cool! Can't wait to run out of gas!