Filestage 2.0

Share files & collaborate on PDF's, videos, images & audio

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Hey there, Hunters! We’re super excited about this update that makes creative reviews so much easier. Filestage is a web app to share, review and approve creative projects with teams and clients. The biggest improvement is the support of PDF documents. So instead of sending email back and forth, you can review and approve content like presentations, studies or designs directly in your browser. Also, it’s for everyone who’s annoyed by commenting on Adobe Reader or related PDF viewers :-) Here’s a list of all the new features: - Review PDF Documents - Guest Commenting & Crowd Reviews - Dashboard Redesign - Search, Sort and Filter Comments & Mention People - Custom Branding & Emails - To-Do List to Mark Comments Done - Automatically Batched Email Notifications - Quick Invite to Multiple Files I’d like to hear your honest feedback and questions!
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This is great. When u r getting page designs, logos and/or videos, exchanging edits and changes over email is very painful. I love this. Thx
@sridhar_kondoji Thanks a lot for your feedback. So great to hear you like it!
Great job! The developers really got something done.
Hey there, This is Simon, I’m CTO @ Filestage. I am super excited that our product is featured here today! Our engineering team did a great job building useful features that create true value for our users. Building Filestage 2.0 has forced us to revisit our architecture, our codebase and our concepts from scratch. This was a challenging and exciting task - and we are happy that this stony path lead us to what we have launched today. I’m looking forward to building all these upcoming great features on our roadmap. Best wishes to all the developers out there ;-) Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.
Really slick and intuitive interface! Well done on a great product. Looking forward to seeing future developments!
@gdr1689 Thanks a lot for your feedback. Glad to hear that you like the simplicity of Filestage!