Upload, share and profit from your files.

FileFare is allowing you to get paid for your files.

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2 Reviews5.0/5

overall, looking to see the future of this service! :)


the simplicity and minimal design


no FAQ page answering questions others may have

footer not fixed at the bottom of the page on the account dashboard

Hey, thank you for the review! About the FAQ page, the app is 3 days old, we don't really have a collection of questions to create a dedicated page for them. Everything is already explained on the home page. The footer will be fixed ASAP.
Interesting tool for its simplicity. It looks unclear whether it is fully free or there is something to be paid. The site does not provide any info on the file types supported and max size allowed for uploading files. Unclear whether FileFare keeps a commission on the sales done through its system. Unclear also who is behind the tool.
I am interested in writing a short review of it, as soon as I can get this extra info.
@robingood Thanks for your interest, Robin. I've sent you an email and updated the site with this information.
@gecko Thank you Cosmin. Much appreciated indeed.
loving the idea of this site. you should make an affiliates part of the site so i can refer some of my friends, i'm sure they'd love to use this. how do we get paid? not too knowledgeable with this kind of stuff but i'm thinking it's like: money is sent to filefare > it adds it our account balance > file is sent to the user > we receive the money from filefare with the 6% fee of the sale?
@itsmidnightyo Your understanding is spot on. :) Thank you for your suggestion, I will probably add something like that in the near future.
@itsmidnightyo Hey, I've added the affiliate system.