Figma Ninja

A game to level-up your Figma design skills - by Tandem

Figma Ninja is a game built into Figma to help you learn the basics and get faster with shortcuts and tricks.
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As a team, we're always thinking about ways to help each other "level-up." @bernatfortet helped us all learn to use Figma via a game he made called Figma Ninja. Not only has it made me a better product manager, it's changed the way we think and brainstorm together. Also... it's pretty fun :)
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Hey all! I'm super excited to finally share Chapter #1 of Figma Ninja. The idea here is to have fun learning how Figma works, and get faster in the process. 🔥 Steps 1. Click Get it. 2. Click duplicate. 3. For a better experience use the Figma desktop app. 4. Open Figma Ninja and follow the instructions. 🤔 Who is this for? • For product managers who want to collaborate better with designers. • For marketing people who want to get better at managing social media assets. • For engineers who want to prototype or modify designs. • For designers switching to Figma from Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe XD, or others. • Or anyone who wants to harness keyboard shortcuts to move faster in Figma! 📜 The Story I used to play Starcraft 2 competitively 🤓. When you play this kind of game, shortcuts become an extension of your mind and body. It's fascinating to see professional players move their hands. They're the ninjas of the computer era. When I started designing I used the same approach: Learn the shortcuts ASAP to harness true speed. While working at Yahoo I created a workshop called Sketch Ninja to teach junior designers the secrets of Sketch in a game-like fun format. That was the original inspiration for Figma Ninja. When we started, I realized that although I was fast in Sketch, the team could collaborate better using Figma. I realized that switching to Figma was the best decision for the team. With Figma we've collaborated on pitch decks, brainstormed all kinds of ideas, mapped user flows, and prototyped many products and features. As a remote team, it's super important to have a powerful replacement for whiteboarding, and Figma has become that for us. I wanted to help my teammates become fluent in Figma so we could all collaborate together. I decided to adapt the Sketch workshop to Figma and make it 100% self-serve. I'm super excited to contribute to the Figma community that I love so much. ✌️Good Luck Have Fun P.S. Want to double the fun? Go through Figma Ninja collaboratively with a friend using :)
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Super cool! I've been trying to get better at Figma and learn the shortcuts, this is awesome ✨✨
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@kevinsun Awesome! Do you use shortcuts in other apps, e.g. email?
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@kevinsun Great! Also, Figma is really fun with others. For extra kicks, you can try to do Figma Ninja at the same time with someone else :)
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This is exactly the kind of interactive game I needed to start learning Figma. Thanks for putting this out in to the world!
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@vikrum5000 Yay! Nothing better than playing a game and being able to say that you're working :)
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@vikrum5000 I was reluctant until Bernat made the game. Maybe in the future every productivity app will have a game :)
Can't wait to try it out!
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@agordhandas The final levels are brain-teasers. Curious what you think.
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