Figma Design Tokens

Making design tokens a single source of truth for Figma.

Design tokens are an integral part of design system. Figma styles are not enough to create all tokens. Start with Figma styles, and go beyond!
This plugin create token inside Figma file/library. It will help to keep in sync all tokens and elements properties.
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I can see my communication structure, with dev is going to be so much better with this πŸ™ŒπŸ» congrats on the launch πŸš€
I worked on lot of design systems and I believe design tokens are an integral part to achieve coherent design and better communication between designer and developer. Figma styles are good but not enough to create all design tokens. So start with Figma styles, and go far beyond! I wrote an article about how can we make a design tokens a Single Source of Truth for designer and developer I was looking for someone to help me to create this plugin and one day @jan_six1 read the article and from there we collaboratively worked on it and created this plugin or Figma. This is open-source! plugin A collaboration between Jan Six and Abdul Wahid. Feel free to contribute and raise suggestions at
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