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#3 Product of the DayNovember 12, 2019
Color Search gives you up to 5 colors for literally any search query.
Choose your favorite and add it to your local styles in seconds!
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Hey Hunters! Please enjoy my first Figma plugin πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰ You can use it to search for almost any keyword, find relevant colors, and use them in your projects. I think it's a bit different from what's out there and I think it could be useful for inspiration in early design phases. It's based on something similar I built about 6 years ago to teach design students how to work with APIs. I got back to building tools recently and figured it might actually be useful. I hope it is!
Niiceee! Very useful tool. I like it! Do you want to support Sketch? Congratulations!
@peteliev glad you like it! I wasn't planning on supporting Sketch, but seeing a few people interested in that, I might!
@notdetails come on to figmaaaaa :)
@peteliev It's getting more and more tempting to leave Sketch (man they botched v60), but I'm still with you here in Sketchland. @notdetails Add me to that list!
Nice idea! Do I need to use this plugin only in Figma? It would be super cool if I can have the Sketch plugin for this :D
@andrew_cho come on to figmaaaaa :)
@andrew_cho Just move to Figma, lol. Honestly, Sketch is playing catchup at this point, give Figma a try. It's free anyway *humble_shrug_emoji*
Love this, thanks for building this Joel
Super simple and useful. Smart!