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Discover the best crypto projects followed by the best people in crypto.
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Bookmark this link ! An idea: a chrome extension that add informations about crypto on website (that list ico, or crypto project)


Really usefull and easy to read.


No one. Love the design simple and relevant 😍

Awesome project. How are you measuring the "influence" of those included in curating the feed, @camillebesse?
@rrhoover Thank you Ryan ! If you are in the people list (, your points are calculated by the influence you have on others people from the list. Then, if for example you have 229 Points, and you follow on Twitter a project listed on, you'll give 229 Points to the project.
@rrhoover @camillebesse so it's sort of a PageRank approach then?
Hello Hunters ✌️ In this new Web3 paradigm, it's pretty hard to discover & trust new projects and people. So, I made this directory with a special ranking based on influence on Twitter : 1. People points ( are calculated according to the influence they have on others influential crypto people. 2. Projects points ( are the sum of people points (1.) who follow the projet on Twitter. More details here : Hope it helps !

It'd be great to get the influencers to share their thought on the most trending projects


Time Saver + Security: Helps you choose the right Projects by relaying on the most influent people in the crypto area.


None so far