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Hey PH! We put this together as a fun little complement to NFL game watching. The graphs show you the real-time win probability for each team and the Twitter feeds keep you up to date on the game conversation. Let us know what you think!
I posted some thoughts today on why we created Fifty:
Here's how the (great) Packers - Pats game today looks in Fifty
I would love to see this for the other Football :)
@sperlmutar Me too! The other football has some scale ;)
Congrats on the launch! @libovness told me about it over breakfast. Happily using it and looking forward to using it more when I get the iPhone 6.
@PE_Feeds Thanks Sumeet! There are some great games on the schedule today to try it out with :)
Congrats on the launch, @libovness and @215gabe. How are you predicting the probability of the winning team?
@rrhoover Courtesy of our friends over at Advanced Football Analytics http://www.advancedfootballanaly...
@rrhoover Thank you Ryan! In future versions, we'll be adding more features to enhance the experience on gameday. Pre-game prediction data, notifications for exciting games, and any other crazy features @libovness and I can dream up. Suggestions are welcome!
Somehow it makes the games seem even more dramatic, when you see the win probability go from roughly 50/50 to 75/25 just after kickoff.. or from 75/25 Bears to 75/25 Lions just before halftime :) Can't wait for pre-game predictions. Between the twitter stream and graph, kind of reminds me of following soccer on the radio.. or high beta stocks on bloomberg
@dbrgndl Absolutely. Watching the graph jump at the end of games is a lot of fun. One play can make a huge difference either way. Give it about an hour or so and we should have some exciting finishes to keep an eye on!