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Fully completing the intended purpose of a fidget. This is irony at its finest.
Hi Product Hunters! Thank you @bulat_alex for hunting me! I built this online fidget spinner to helps people relax and relieve stress with just a few simple spins. With this app you can try 12 different spinners for free and spin them for as long as you want! And it's completely free! Happy to answer any questions!
@dimshik100 Take my monies! Build a mobile app already, would you? Transforming a touchcreen tap into an experience that feels almost tactile is hugely challenging; you're so close!
Fun but the domain name is terrible.
@erickbarron86 Is that because of the .xyz ?
@dimshik100 it's too long, has a hyphen, and is of an odd extension.
@erickbarron86 fidgetspinner.xyz would be fine. common name, uncommon extension.
Probably want to adjust the spinner scale on mobile so that it's always entirely on-screen when an ad is shown. (Shared with a friend who is sans ad blocker. iPhone 6S, most recent iOS, chrome --> google-served banner pushes part of spinner off page.)
@kkdub Thanks for the feedback. I'm actually thinking of removing the ad...