A web player for Apple Music support adding tags to playlist

feverTunes is a web music player for Apple Music base on the new MusicKit JS API. You can easily access your music content in your browser, when you are not be able to use iTunes or you just want to try a more lightweight and cooler player.

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Adriel Chan
Owner @feverTunes
Hi Product Hunters! We are super excited to introduce feverTunes, a web player for Apple Music. Web player for AM is useful especially when you don't have iTunes, but we think we can do something more. Organizing many playlists in iTunes is a headache. Spotify lets you manually reorder them or create playlist folders, but iTunes doesn’t have these features. That’s why we implemented TAGS feature in feverTunes, allowing you to add tags to playlists so that you could group and find them easily. OTHER FEATURES - Last.fm integration. Scrobbling for last.fm fans. - In-playlist filtering. Finding a song in a large playlist? No problem! - Snapshot for Playlists. Favorites Mix, Chill Mix, New Music Mix under For You tab will update every week. If you want to keep them, you could create snapshots for them. - Desktop Progressive Web App. 'Install' feverTunes on all desktop platforms, including Chrome OS, Linux, Mac, and Windows KNOWN ISSUES - Not friendly for mobile devices right now - Cannot delete any resource in the library due to Apple MusicKit API limitation P.S. Collaborative playlists feature is coming soon. Any feedback is welcome! Thank you❤️
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Hey, it's a great app saving me from the horrendous iTunes on Windows. If there is an Android version of this app, I definitely want to try as well!!!