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#2 Product of the DayDecember 19, 2014
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"My own personal Google." This is awesome. I will be using this multiple times a day.
@hnshah Can I quote you on that? ;)
I've definitely had that challenge of remembering "that thing I saw on the Internet that one time." This is a nice solution, although I wonder if a persistent Chrome/browser extension would be better (simply click an icon in the top right to begin typing). It feels "heavy" to download and run a Mac app for this specific use case. Of course there are pros and cons to both, but curious why you went this direction, @flippyhead.
@rrhoover yeah, it's a total pain. Once you've got everything indexed a lot of other aspects improve. For example, you can do a bunch of browsing or research, then simply return to Fetching to quickly favorite or tag sites after the fact. It is a simple shift but is surprisingly powerful. To your question about Chrome: we looked into this. There is actually an extension or two that attempt to solve this. Our challenge was building something sophisticated enough to really get the job done. Fetching uses state of the art search technology that simply cannot be used within the confines of a extension. All the stuff that goes into natural language process, and being very fast on large datasets -- these are not trivial problems.
@rrhoover @flippyhead Could you have done something with a server, where you upload the history via chrome extension and then search through?
@rrhoover @irosenb This is exactly how Fetching.io Cloud works. In all cases there is a Chrome (and Safari) extension tracking your browsing -- it's just a matter of where it is stored. The Native Mac version we built because tons of people requested a version that would store their browsing data locally only. But the Cloud version is very popular because you can use it from anywhere, search from your phone etc.
Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen! (looks nice, downloading now...)
Author here, we hope you enjoy the newly out of beta Mac version of Fetching. It's our hope that using Fetching you'll never lose a website again! We build the OS X version because tons of people were concerned about the privacy of their search index. Now everything is local!
That's right. But since you asked, for the first 10 product hunters to use it here's a coupon for 30% off! Just enter the coupon code: fetching-ph12. Happy fetching!
@flippyhead first 10? :( no love for the weekly hunter.