The collapsible bicycle helmet

#3 Product of the DayOctober 07, 2016
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Hi @everyone, I am one of the Co-Founders of FEND, We just launched FEND, the collapsible bicycle helmet that reduces to one-third of its original size and is fully safe. Whether you’re riding to work or to meet up with friends, you can slip it in your bag until you need it again. The beauty is that it doesn’t take up much room! We’re happy to answer any questions. Happy Hunting!
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@raffanegro @bramdegeyter @everyone Great question. FEND is much more compact than the Carrera helmet. FEND reduces by 70%, where the Carrera helmet only reduces by 20%.
@christianvonheifner @bramdegeyter @everyone Thank you Christian. I do like the product, you should mention that in the description :) Also, I'd love to have some kind of water repellent material that would cover my head :)
@raffanegro @bramdegeyter @everyone Regarding keeping your head dry in the rain, we are working on a number of things behind the scenes. If we hit our Kickstarter goal, stay tuned for what's to come!
Love the design! I always found the traditional helmets too bulky and inconvenient to carry around. This is perfect. Great job guys!
@dhaval_parikh Thanks Dhaval! We tried our best ;)
You have reached the point of brilliance, when usability and look and feel merge together to form great product. Looks so damn stylish and futuristic. Thumbs up!
@aramiggs Thanks Aram, that really means a lot. @christianvonheifner is a very prolific industrial designer and most recently responsible for the design and mechanics of the FDA-grade HERO device (herohealth.com).
Wow, it looks really slick and cool, and it looks super light!! How does it compare to other foldable helmets like the Carrera Foldable (http://www.carreraworld.com/it/s...), also distributed by Brooks (http://www.brooksengland.com/en_...)