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poornimaMaker@poornima · Founder
In this episode we’ll be exploring the theme of what it’s like to start building a technology company and product with little to no experience. We’ve all heard stories about tech founders who started their careers as engineers, designers, product managers and sales staff, while supporting a tech company. But can someone from outside tech successfully launch a tech product? Sandi MacPherson is proof it can be done! She’s the founder of Quibb and has a unique story of how she became a founder. Sandi shares how she went from working in eastern Canada as a scientist, studying climate change, to completing her MBA, and eventually moving to California to start a technology company. Having no prior experience in tech, Sandi went through a series of steps and received a lot of hands-on help that led her to eventually start Quibb, a service that shares articles and reports that influencers and experts are reading, in a newsfeed and daily email. In this episode, you’ll learn the following from Sandi: - The risk she took that helped launch her tech career. - How founders without a tech background can get started. - How she turned to the users of Quibb for funding and how you can use this strategy, too. - A special side project she is working on! I would love to hear what you enjoyed most about my conversation with Sandi. Please share your questions and comments below.
Sandi MacPherson
Sandi MacPhersonMaker@sandimac · Editor-in-Chief, Quibb
@poornima Thanks! It was a lot of fun chatting with you - Really appreciate that you dug into the (gory) details of actual steps I took ;)