Female Founder Stories

A collection of interviews with Y Combinator’s female alumni

Not very engaging to consume, having all the stories as big blocks of text. Also comes across as an advert for YC.
@_jacksmith Which of the stories sounded like an advert?
@nikkielizdemere all of them. They didn't need to limit it to only founders that went through YC.
@_jacksmith I don't see anything wrong with it bring niche. Useful for potential female candidates.
@nikkielizdemere yep - nothing wrong with it, just saying that the objective seems to be to promote YC, vs increase diversity in tech as a whole
Love this. Watched the livestream conference the other day. It was full of great stuff. One speaker, in particular, highlighted the greatness women can bring to a company in a very inspiring way. Girl power ;-)
Learn about things like how they got started, their experience at Y Combinator, their experience as female founders, and what they wish they'd known when they were younger.