Female Founder Report 2020

Resource to improve gender equality across startup programs

We are proud of the Female Founder Initiative and the women of Founder Institute. In our Female Founder Impact Report we showcase the improved gender-balance of our portfolio and how women have outperformed their male counterparts in our accelerator.
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Awesome resource Founder Institute!
"10% more likely to be accepted" so is that because you favor applications from female entrepreneurs? It sure seems like you do
Hi Product Hunters, Megan Todd, Founder Institute and I are proud to introduce the Female Founder Initiative Impact Report. Our organization's goal is to have a lasting impact on global inclusion for women. By 2020, we aim for female-founded companies to comprise 40% of Founder Institute's annual portfolio. We believe by providing women founders with a diverse group of resources and opportunities to start, grow, and fund their companies, that this will positively impact the gender gap in startups, global technology, and venture capital. If there are any questions I can answer, I am happy to. -Rachel
An interesting initiative that every company should follow! Awesome, Founder Institute
A great initiative and best of luck in completing your mission to have 40% female founded companies in Founder Institute's cohorts in 2020.