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feediary is your unique RSS reader.

Browse your favourite content, with zero tracking & zero ads.

Stop bloating your feed and start actually consuming the content you love.

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Hey Michael @justmarkup, Can you tell us a little more about what you built here, and what was your inspiration?
Hey there Jacqueline von Tesmar @jacqvon, Sure, feediary is a RSS reader available as a web app for all modern browsers, desktop and mobile. You can subscribe to news sites, blogs, podcasts, playlists and more and enjoy the content, with zero tracking & zero ads. We really honour privacy and that's one reason why we build feediary. We want to read our favourite feeds without beeing tracked and without getting annoyed by ads.
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Looks clean and simple. Some pointers: When feed is listed and when I click on any title it takes up 2-3 seconds to load one para of the feed. May be you can instead modify the card itself to include that below title with one thumbnail if feed has it and link to read the article full. It saves 1 click and few seconds of user.
@evivz Hey Vivek, thanks a lot for trying out feediary and your feedback. We are currently improving the performance of the site, so loading an item should take under 1 seconds soon. Additionaly we already have planned to offer extended previews of items, so you can choose to only show title, or show title and an excerpt.
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Hello Michael, How do you add feeds to this application? I do not normally use feeds. It would be helpful for those who don’t normally use this method of obtaining content to be provided with a walkthrough. Thanks, JD
@haitianwatcher Hey James, in feediary you could either enter a normal URL, like for our blog https://blog.feediary.com/ and we try and find the correct RSS feed or you can directly enter an URL for an RSS feed (eg. here is the one from Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/feed...) to add a feed. Thanks for the feedback, will try to make this more clear on the welcome page.
Interesting, but your pro plan doesn't offer enough value to sway me away from feedbin
@victoryn Hey Victory, thank you for trying out feediary. May I ask which features you are looking for?