Feedback Tools

Curated directory of tools for getting all the feedback

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If anyone knows of a tool I missed and should be included in this list, please let me know
@vacord Nice project! 👍 You might want to add CompanyMood ( there? 😊
@markusschwed Yeah, looks like I should add it!
@vacord Thanks, awesome. ❤️ Btw, we also got hunted today. ✌️
@vacord Cool idea! I would suggest Bench: I'm using it to give feedback to graphic designer. Feedback loop saved!
@karolina_krolicka Awesome, thank you, I will add that soon. Let me know if you think of any others!
Thanks, pretty useful!
Site has a few issues (text size, letter spacing, rollover activation) in Firefox that you may want to look at.
@tomcharde oh man, thanks for pointing that out. I had only look at it in Chrome... trying to standardize the the length of the description proved difficult, but I could work to standard just that area to keep it uniform.
You can fix the first by dropping the font-size down to 12pt, and the second by removing the letter-spacing (currently 0.35em) for H2. The third thing looks JS-related.
Very cool resource you've built. Thanks!
Great list of resources! Definitely helpful in my time of need.