Replaces Facebook ads with cool pieces of art



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Ryan Hooverย โ€” Founder, Product Hunt
I'm not a fan of ad blockers. I understand people's "moral" justification for using them (decrease bandwidth demands, limit tracking, etc.) but ad blocking really hurts businesses and jeopardizes content we expect to consume for "free".

That said, this is one of the more creative ad blockers I've seen.
Nicolas Le Rouxย โ€” Growth marketer, blogger
@rrhoover Thanks for your comment Ryan. Indeed, the idea was to promote in a creative way some cool artists and to cut with the traditional ad blocker simply deleting the ad.
@rrhoover I couldn't care less if Facebook or google lose out on a few bucks worth of ads. For supporting businesses that I care about, I actually try to purchase whatever they're selling to to substantially help their business. Note: If you can make your business model ad-block proof (i.e. not rely on ads but focus on acquiring revenue through means that also delivers more value to the readers), your business will be much better off in the long-run.
Jim Cantoย โ€” Freedom hunter. Citizen dev. Solopreneur
@arasheedphoto @rrhoover ... the questions become; how inexpensively can you hit your market's value threshold? And; how large will that population be?
@jimcanto @rrhoover That all depends on the specific market you're in ;)
Nicolas Le Rouxย โ€” Growth marketer, blogger
Hi guys, we created this chrome extension in order to replace Facebook ads by cool pieces of art. We feature a different artist or style every week. By clicking on the icon of the extension, you will be able to get some information about the featured artist.

We would love some feedback!
@nico_lrx Any love for safari?
Nicolas Le Rouxย โ€” Growth marketer, blogger
@nadsaeae I will do a Safari and Firefox version if we see interest :D
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