Simple feature documentation tool.

Fedo is a simple feature documentation tool to document feature specs, releases, design docs and tech docs, all in one place for your team to collaborate on.

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Looks nice, do you have URL for real demo of the doc?
@vlafiser Sorry we don't have one right now. I'd be happy to set up a walkthrough for you if you can dm me your contact details. Thanks
@crazyradical perfect, I will send you msg, thanks!
Great job !! Could it be used for business or startups purpose ,by going with the media it caters to only tech products
@ayush_chandra Yes it can be used for business or startups. We have started with tech products as we were building one our self and found an immediate need. We are in the very midst of expanding our documentation templates to support all types of business needs across industries.
Hi @crazyradical just wanted to give some honest feedback. Is there a real pain point where users will look for an alternate solution or will they be happy with their existing toolset?. Example: A Basecamp project can help to achieve this, we use Microsoft Teams/Channel to keep all the product assets in one place (Documents, Graphics, Planner etc). I also noticed on the site, you are trying to compete on price point, which generally is not a good idea. Maybe I'm missing something and comparing apples to oranges.
@crazyradical @saravanamv Thanks for the feedback. Its great if you are using Basecamp. We love Basecamp ourselves. We are a just a product documentation tool that is not complex and tedious to use and we don't yet have a formal price point on the product. Thanks again for your feedback