Cross platform file transfer. No hassle.

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Easily transfer files from any device to anyone, including yourself! Try our web version now.

Pam Aridjis
  • Pros: 

    so easy to use so happy I can send any file to myself or any other friend no more whats apps or emails to myself !



    I have a samsung and a mac so happy I can send files between them with no problem at all !

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Xuan Bach Le
Xuan Bach Le@le_xuan_bach
The app is really well-designed! Though adding the "Forgot password" feature would be nice because it doesn't have password confirmation when signing up.
Kenny Batista
Kenny BatistaMaker@kennybatista · Engineer at Apple. Product Developer
@le_xuan_bach Hey! Appreciate the feedback, have this fix on the next update!
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Law Student|Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Hows it different from We transfer in use cases? Would love to know what’s in the timeline?
Carlos Diez
Carlos DiezMaker@leetos · Software Developer
@ayush_chandra Thank you for the comment! Here's how we differentiate from WeTransfer: - We prioritize making the file transfer easier across YOUR devices, while enabling you to also share files with friends as a bonus. - We have native apps for almost all the popular platforms - making it more accessible to transfer you. filesFoThe macOS has a neat feaaure where youn drag youthe files you want to sharerectly into the trafeatheroicon in the status bar sharendem. In terms of the timeline, here are two features we are working on right now for the next update: - Transfer files offline to nearby devices. - Add more layers of user privacy protection.
Kenny Batista
Kenny BatistaMaker@kennybatista · Engineer at Apple. Product Developer
Hey, Product Hunters! 👋 We are very excited to release Feather on PH today! 🎉🎉🎉 With Feather, it’s super easy to share files between devices with yourself or with your friends regardless of the platform. My co-founder Carlos Diez, Juan Pablo, and I created Feather because we had enough of not being able to quickly share files AirDrop style between our iPhone and Android devices. We found apps that do something similar but they didn't have the experience and features to send files at the speed we were looking for. After much user testing, we came up with Feather! We are hoping that this can be a useful tool to you as it is to us. We will be checking this regularly throughout the day, eagerly awaiting your questions and feedback. Thanks! - Kenny
flwrsdev@meflowers331 · Remote Worker-Web Design and I.T.
Is there a privacy policy we can take a look at? Not finding one... @kennybatista