Premium CBD delivered directly to your doorstep

Feals is a new, modern wellness brand delivering thoughtful, hemp-based CBD products designed to keep your head clear and help you feel your best. Our mission is to provide a simple, healthy, better way to feel better.
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How is this different than every other CBD company that you can order from online and have delivered "directly to your doorstep"?
@christine_renee For people new to CBD, Feals offers a "CBD Flight" for only $20 (including S&H) to try all 3 strengths of Feals to determine your perfect dose. Something most people don't know- everyone's "perfect dose" is different...it's a lot like coffee where one person needs a single cup and another needs 5. So it's a great way to try what works for you without breaking the bank. Feals also rewards people who want to take care of themselves with a 30% off membership program- not only on a monthly basis, but also on any additional purchases. At its core, Feals is amongst the highest quality CBD available in the market. The company's "less is more" approach combines premium full-spectrum hemp-extract with 100% organic MCT oil for maximum benefit.
Muni PerezFounder VagasEmbarcado.com
So, basically, no difference
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