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Dave AmbroseΒ β€” Steadfast Venture Capital
For the generation of guys that grew up on social media and now entering the next chapter of their lives (fatherhood), there's generally poor advice and resources available. Fatherly looks to solve this in a very elegant manner, both via a beautiful web experience and great email content.

A few weeks ago, Fatherly hosted a Q&A w. Warby Parker founder @neilblumenthal about learning to lead from his 3 yr. old son: http://fatherly.com/work-and-mon...

Outside of the content, which is top-notch, the team behind the product is amazing. @mjrawth was the first employee at Thrillist and is now working on what I'd call, "my new favorite content business".
Ryan HooverΒ β€” Founder, Product Hunt
Alternative tagline: "Father like a boss" :)

This looks super useful and actionable but I'm unqualified to have much of an opinion here but cc'ing fathers @byosko, @hnshah, @joshelman, @davidkmckinney, and @roybahat in case they want to chime in.
Michael RothmanΒ β€” Co-Founder, Fatherly
@rrhoover we should make black T-shirts with that slogan on the front along with a clerical collar.

Appreciate the recognition on Product Hunt and I'd encourage everyone to sign up for our private beta. The aim of Fatherly is to combine general interest content (i.e. the universe of new products, services and studies hitting the market every day that a thoughtful, evolved guy-who-happens-to-be-a-dad would want to pay attention to) with content and commerce recommendations that are keyed specifically to the age/stage of the user's child/ren.

We're only a fraction of the way there but welcome the feedback and support from this community, which as previously noted, tends to be heavily dude-oriented.
Ben YoskovitzΒ β€” Entrepreneur, investor & author
@rrhoover Checking it out now. Content looks good, although I don't know how much general purpose content dads want to consume. The key will be in specific recommendations they make via email based on the age of your kids. I signed up to try it out.

I think it'll be hard to go social with it -- dads aren't social the same way moms are -- although it'd be interesting to see if there's a play there at all.
Michael RothmanΒ β€” Co-Founder, Fatherly
@byosko agree that key is meeting our guys where they are based on their evolving needs through the parenting lifecycle, particularly from third trimester to the end of Year Two. General interest content will also be segmented based on age/stage, though there are some features that so far have proven compelling to everybody (i.e. bit.ly/1qunsSt ).

Also excited about special tool sets we're building on top of the content, including (slight spoiler alert) a "bully-name generator" that works with rhyming/foreign/homophonic/slang/Urban dictionaries as well as an editorial team to help dads anticipate the universe of bastardizations from a seemingly sweet, innocuous given name.

Re: community, I think you're dead on. Guys tend to be much more private so thinking is that private communities among people you know may be a more helpful, frictionless way for guys to share tips and tactics versus a more public cry for help.
Ben YoskovitzΒ β€” Entrepreneur, investor & author
@mjrawth Side note: my kids are 7 and 9, so a bit out of the range of where you're focusing too. That's the other challenge with parent-centric products, the differences between "age categories" can be quite pronounced. A couple years in age makes a real difference, so it's hard to cater to a broad market.
Michael RothmanΒ β€” Co-Founder, Fatherly
@byosko yeah from what we've seen the needs seem to be most urgent and pronounced when kids are younger and can't communicate yet. Idea is to start here and then find not just the right messaging but the right cadence of messaging for folks who may be more "experienced" or further along the lifecycle.
@byosko +1. Focusing on a specific age range is really important. A few years difference in age represents entirely different needs in terms of play, education, social understanding, communication
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