A practical resource for guys entering that next phase


Dave Ambrose
@daveambrose · Steadfast Venture Capital
For the generation of guys that grew up on social media and now entering the next chapter of their lives (fatherhood), there's generally poor advice and resources available. Fatherly looks to solve this in a very elegant manner, both via a beautiful web experience and great email content. A few weeks ago, Fatherly hosted a Q&A w. Warby Parker founder @n… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Alternative tagline: "Father like a boss" :) This looks super useful and actionable but I'm unqualified to have much of an opinion here but cc'ing fathers @byosko, @hnshah, @joshelman, @davidkmckinney, and @roybahat in case they want to chime in.
Joe Barber
@cyborgnation · Product Designer @ Payit
As a Dad that falls right into your target market, I have a few thoughts. I was pretty excited when I read the Product Hunt description for Fatherly. I think a resource like this could be really cool - and to be honest I've considered making it before. I was expecting some sort of hybrid site with wirecutter-esc recommendations lists and articles from … See more
Shawn Borsky
@shawnborsky · Design Lead, Mobile - Blizzard
This is the first time I haven't been annoyed by a product name with "ly" at the end.
David McKinney
Congrats @mjrawth on the launch. I have a girl (3) and a boy (7) so I may not be the target market, but like all dads I can definitely use as much help as I can get. I think positioning is the most important thing to work on here. i.e. Who is this for? Is it for dads that want some light fun (it feels like this is the current focus) versus dads that want to… See more