Create PPC Ads & landing pages for local business fast

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 20, 2019

With FastBuild business owners can create their complete marketing campaign just under 3 minutes. Our Software generates Ad Copy, Landing pages AdWords & Facebook ads. No more dealing with a ton of different tools or overspending on agencies.

  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, provides a great framework to structure your marketing efforts, dedicated and responsive support team.


    Haven’t seen any yet

    We are using Fastbuild since a couple of months now and it’s awesome. It helped us build significant traction for our product’s launch. We are a small team without real experience in marketing. Fastbuild enabled us to be much more structured with our marketing efforts. It’s very easy to channel in and out or monitor campagnes. A plus is also the support provided by their team for setup and advice. We love it, keep up the good work!!

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  • Lachlan Kirkwood
    Lachlan KirkwoodDigital Marketing Specialist

    A great tool to simplify the digital marketing process for brands.


    Would be great to add more targeting parameters throughout the setup process.

    Could also see this platform becoming a great resource for digital marketing training.

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Just a thought about your claim, I wouldn't use "Create your complete marketing campaign in 3 minutes", that sounds a bit cheap to me, considering a marketing campaign is usually time-consuming. 15 minutes would still be incredible, and since your video tutorial is about 10 minutes this number seems to be more realistic.
Im going to try this product out and I like the 3 minute idea sounds cheap but it caught my attention. I agree though in removing the word "complete" from the notice.
Do you need your own fb and google account?
@mickc79 yes, you should have your FB account with Fanpage & billing set up
@linogrubben & @itzdlvry how about "Create PPC & landing pages for local business fast"