Fantasy sports for fitness competitions!

FantasyFit is the worlds first fantasy sports platform for fitness competitions including the Crossfit Games, Granite Games, and Wodapalooza. FantasyFit lets fans of the sport draft lineups of competing athletes and see where their picks stack up against their friends throughout the competition! FantasyFit has both free and paid entry competitions!

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I draft Fraser, Vellner, Ohlsen. πŸ˜€
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@mscccc do it man!
Hey @saw_dev, Can you tell us more about why you wanted to build this?
@jacqvon Absolutely! I have been involved in functional fitness for many years since discovering Crossfit at a young age. I have since been certified as a coach and compete in the sport of fitness regularly. Having attended many fitness competitions I quickly noticed how explosive the number of people interested in the sport has become in recent years. After seeing the success of daily fantasy sports apps like DraftKings and FanDuel I was eager to marry this concept with fitness. Last year I released a similar app called CFGLive and with little outreach/marketing I was able to garner a few hundred users. FantasyFit is a much improved version of CFGLive and will hopefully attract the same crowd and many more!
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